Writer’s Workshops Offered


 Registration for Core Creative Writing Workshop begins:

Registrations begins on September 1, 2017 – Call: (317) 432-9804 or email: www.andymurphy@sbcglobal.net

Classes start on: Monday, September 18, 2017 @ 6;30 – 8:00 p.m.

Cost: 6 sessions: $145.00 or $45.00 per session of choice.

Query Guides Provided. –  Bonus: Course participation includes a ticket for  2018 WriteStuff Writers National Conference to be held in Fishers, Indiana in 2018!



Write Your Dream in book or screenplay format!

Classroom size limited to ensure personal attention to each writer in genre of their choice.

Courses will cover: Getting Started; Writing Historical Fiction; Mystery,Memoirs/Book Adaptation to film, interactive table reads and much more!

New workshops will focus on the process of adapting a book or an idea for film with screenplay development. Also includes interactive writing for dialogue; the important steps for protecting your work/intellectual property; self-editing tips as you work in interaction sessions to allow you to draft a rough cut of your script/book.  Bring a laptop if you can to work in tandem with instructor.
Creative writing assignments in class that moves you forward toward a completed book manuscript.
Class will help you understand the overall process of creating screenplays (under 120 pages or less) script concepts, and manageable book manuscripts. 
Write your Dream in book and screenplay format!
Other elements will include:
  • Understanding the importance of the first 5 pages.
  • Picking your Genre and then getting started!
  • Finding your Voice and Sytle
  • Learning to write realistic dialogue.
  • Finishing your novel.Understanding suggested amount of pages for your first novel.
  • How to find an agent and learn about the rules they must abide by.
  • Learning the “Gray areas” of self-publishing.
  • Doing the research, whether it is a100% fictional plot or based on a true story.
  • Developing a “producer/agent dialogue.
  • Understanding why you need research for plot development.cropped-WriteStuffWriters_Logo_Header1.png
  • and more as time allows!

The WriteStuff Writers mission is to instruct, evaluate and support writers, screenwriters, editors, illustrators and publishers across the United States in their creative efforts of expression. These efforts are supported through comprehensive course instruction taught by  actively working experienced authors, editors, and publishing, film and social media professionals.

Our courses cover the nuts and bolts of writing in today’s competitive world and are presented in a classroom environment limited in size. Attendees will engage the written word in a fun and creative manner in an interactive method that is easy to process. Writing should be fun and our instructors are there to encourage and help you sort through the gray areas that are keeping you from writing your dream!

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