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Andy Murphy
Jeannine “Andy” Murphy has more than 20 years experience working in the world of corporate communications and is the author of four books across the genres of fiction, nonfiction, children’s and a writer’s guide book. Titles include: Bloodless/Glenbridge Publishing; If You Believe/Brzamo Publishing; Skinny and Me: The WriteStuff Writer’s Little Guidebook, AuthorSolutions, and The Catty, Catty Ways of Women in the Workplace, Life Press Books.

She is mother of Ryan Murphy, creator/ executive producer of the television series Nip/Tuck, Glee and American Horror and Darren Murphy, a decorated Army Ranger and practicing attorney.

Murphy is the founder and executive director of the nationally recognized WriteStuff Writer’s Conferences and Events and is the Founder of the WriteStuff Getaway Trips. She is very involved in the writing community serving as a contributing features editor for AtGeist, atFishers and AtCarmel community magazines. She was inducted into the Library of Congress StoryCorps Alumni (June, 2012) after PBS recorded her story documenting her lifelong habit of letter writing and the notable responses she has received. She is now working on a new book, No Expectations, documenting an amazing life journey habit.

Always active in the community, Murphy is the Moderator for the Carmel Clay Library Foundation’s annual Guilded Leaf Book & Author Luncheon, which serves as a community fundraiser.

Murphy is involved with national Heartland Film Festival serving as a Narrative Film Juror. Always writing, Murphy is currently working on a personal memoir; a humorous mystery novel, and developing a new romance novel adventure based on a true story.

Murphy just completed writing/directing two new documentaries: A Sign of the Cross and One Starry, Starry Night! Both will be televised in 2016 (November/December) schedule!

Included in her other writing and publishing experience, Murphy is the Founder of The WriteStuff Literary Agency, representing clients including: Randy Tobias (Let’s Put the Moose on the Table/Indiana University Press), Mike Ahern and Reid Duffy (Festerwood at Five/Guild Press), Dick Wolfsie (Mornings with Barney/Guild Press), Deborah Paul (From Here to Maturity/Guild Press/Emmis Publishing), Wendell Fowler (The Age of Asparagus/Guild Press), Larry Gilbert (City of Thieves/AuthorSolutions), Matthew Tully (Searching for Hope/Indiana University Press). Newly signed clients would include: International artist, Laura LaForge and Filmmaker and writer, Dan Hall (Where’s Rolley/children’s genre) and Ann Craig-Cinnamon (Running Naked in Tehran/memoir) among others.







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