Why You Should Invest in Yourself


It goes without saying that if you want to get ahead in the creative writing world, then consider the important element of investing in yourself. Take the time to engage in up to date instruction on the new world of publishing and film, and if you are really interested in writing your dream, then send me an email at: andymurphy@sbcglobal.net

What are you waiting for? Write Your Dream! 

About our workshops

DON’T GET LOST IN A CROWD… Small, private classroom size for more personal attention.

PAYMENT PROCESS: In order to reserve a seat in this workshop, please call Andy Murphy at: 317-432-9804.  Payment must be received IN ADVANCE OF starting sessions to guarantee your registration seat.

Cost for Creative Writing Courses

4 Value-Package Course Price: $120.00 – Sessions will cover a broad range of creative writing subjects!

Classroom Workshops Start: 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

4 week course schedule also includes: 

  • Query letter and professional Book Proposal guidelines and one manuscript review (first five chapters).
  • Review treatment written for a screenplay with supportive critique.

Cost for Single, one-on-one Private Writing Session. Writer to select which course will be of interest for single session. *See creative course titles listed below.
$40.00 per single session – Private Setting.

Limited classroom size. Reserve your interactive classroom course to guarantee your seat by emailing andymurphy@sbcglobal.net or calling (317) 432.9804


The Elements of Fiction/Nonfiction: Simple Steps to Writing Stronger in Both Genres!

 6:00 – 8:00 P.M
Instructor: J. Andy Murphy, Author, Executive Director, WriteStuff Writers – Fiction: This course provides an in-depth look in developing plot, realistic characters, voice and dialogue.  Successful methods to rescue your story from plot pitfalls. Test your own writing with insightful session exercises. NonFiction:  Learn the key elements when writing about people, places or things. Research, obtaining releases, copyright issues are key, as well as understanding the legal issues that are attached to this creative area. Instructor feedback is included in this interactive workshop.


The First Five Pages: Developing a Great First Chapter!


Instructor: J. Andy Murphy, Author, Executive Director, WriteStuff Writers – Hit the ground running with the secrets of writing a five-star first chapter that delivers a page turner right from the start. Experience tells us that readers will gauge your story in as little as the first five pages. Seamless writing is based on tried and true principles that every writer should know: Conflict. Action. Complexity. Shift of Reference. Test your skills in this interactive class as you create your own first chapter.


The Secrets of Creating Natural Dialogue!

6:00-7:30 PM

Instructor: J. Andy Murphy, Author, Executive Director, WriteStuff Writers – Dialogue is the force that contributes to characterization and story movement. It should be lean and sound the way people really talk. If you are having doubts about how to master this technique, then this is the class for you. Using dialogue should be fun when you know the formula of natural construction.  Observation and interaction with simple exercises will clear the air in one of the most important aspects of creative writing.


Crafting a Memoir: Where to Start and How to Deliver!

6:00-7:30 PM
Instructors: Authors J. Andy Murphy and Guest Memoir Author! – Ask yourself four important questions: Where should I start my story? Do I have an interesting story to tell?  Can I tell it in an interesting and engaging way?  Do I have the drive to see it through? This engaging class will cover the development process of creating an outline; crafting an opening that hooks a readers interest; deciding your voice and your message of appeal to the broad spectrum of readers, male and female; creating a title that will capture a readers/publishers attention; and knowing when and where to bring your story to a close. This is a fun class with writing assignments to get the creative juices flowing. At the end of the class, writers will take home the beginning of their personal “memoir” and be on their way to telling their story!

Understanding the Areas of Publishing!
6:00 – 8:00 PM

Instructors: J. Andy Murphy, Author, Executive Director and Guest Publishers TBA! –Why do some writers succeed and others fall short? It could be said that writing your book might be the easiest part of your publishing experience, so understanding the many avenues of author responsibilities in the new world of publishing is critical. This course gives solid guidelines to follow before you even consider looking for an agent or publisher and will inform you of the prevalent scams that exist in the world of self-publishing. Tips on marketing and media  are included in this course with direction from  accomplished public relations and publishers as we explore all the elements needed for a writer to manage their own personal book business, avoiding amateur mistakes and unreal expectations. Look before you leap is the lesson provided by this course!



  •  Humor
  • Historical Fiction
  • The Many Genres of Writing for Children
  • The Secrets of Organizing Time to Write
  • Writing with a Partner – Pro/Cons of this Relationship
  • Developing Your Own Query Letters
  • Book Adaption to Film
  • Exercises to Overcome Writers Block
  • Screenwriting – Book Adaptations
  • Writing/Producing a Documentary

Course Instructor: Andy Murphy

Jeannine “Andy” Murphy has more than 20 years experience working in the world of corporate communications and is the author of four books across the genres of fiction, nonfiction, children’s and a writer’s guide book. Titles include: Bloodless/Glenbridge Publishing; If You Believe/Brzamo Publishing; Skinny and Me: The WriteStuff Writer’s Little Guidebook, AuthorSolutions, and The Catty, Catty Ways of Women in the Workplace, Life Press Books. She is mother of Ryan Murphy, creator/ executive producer of the television series Nip/Tuck, Glee and American Horror and Darren Murphy, a decorated Army Ranger and practicing attorney. Murphy just finished writing and directing two documentaries which will be televised in November/December of 2016!

Murphy is the founder and executive director of the nationally recognized WriteStuff Writer’s Conferences and Events and is the Founder of the WriteStuff Getaway Trips. She is very involved in the writing community serving as a contributing features editor for AtGeist, atFishers and AtCarmel community magazines. She was inducted into the Library of Congress StoryCorps Alumni (June, 2012) after PBS recorded her story documenting her lifelong habit of letter writing and the notable responses she has received. She is now working on a new book, No Expectations, documenting an amazing life journey habit. Always active in the community, Murphy is the Moderator for the Carmel Clay Library Foundation’s annual Guilded Leaf Book & Author Luncheon, which serves as a community fundraiser.

Murphy is involved with national Heartland Film Festival serving as a Narrative Film Juror. Always writing, Murphy is currently working on a personal memoir; a humorous mystery novel, and developing a new romance novel adventure based on a true story. Included in her other writing and publishing experience, Murphy is the Founder of The WriteStuff Literary Agency, representing clients including: Randy Tobias (Let’s Put the Moose on the Table/Indiana University Press), Mike Ahern and Reid Duffy (Festerwood at Five/Guild Press), Dick Wolfsie (Mornings with Barney/Guild Press), Deborah Paul (From Here to Maturity/Guild Press/Emmis Publishing), Wendell Fowler (The Age of Asparagus/Guild Press), Larry Gilbert (City of Thieves/AuthorSolutions), Matthew Tully (Searching for Hope/Indiana University Press). Newly signed clients would include: International artist, Laura LaForge and Filmmaker and writer, Dan Hall (Where’s Rolley/children’s genre) and Ann Craig-Cinnamon (Running Naked in Tehran/memoir) among others. INVEST IN YOUR DREAMS!

Interested, but want to learn more? Then reserve your interactive classroom seat by emailing your questions on courses offered to: andymurphy@sbcglobal.net.