About Andy Murphy

Murphy is a published author and Screenplay Writer and Director. She is the Founder of The WriteStuff Writers (1998). She works as a regional literary agent in the Midwest. WriteStuff hosts quarterly creative writing and publishing classroom workshops! Call for me information. 317.432.9804

Change the Channel: Develop Stepping Stones for Success!

Did you know that negative thoughts take up the most space in your brain?

Writers can easily get caught up in frustration and end up with overpowering thoughts of failure causing them to quit before they ever begin.

Here are a few CrabbyCakes “Stepping Stones” for your thought process that will help you change your mind channel from negative to positive!

Tip l.  Gather up 10 to 15 small stones and two small baskets. Each stone will represent a chapter in your new book.  As you complete a chapter, take out one stone and transfer it over to the empty basket. You can give the baskets a name if you want (I labeled my beginning full basket: Can I do this? And my empty basket: I did it!). — This simple mind channel-changing method demonstrates a physical bench mark of positive progress in your writing journey. And nothing feels better than a full box of rocks!

Tip 2. Don’t give yourself the easy way out with excuses of why you don’t have time to write. Instead, give yourself credit for every moment you spend writing be it one word or one page. You won’t succeed if you’re against yourself before you even start.

Tip 3.  Read! Pick 5 books written by writers you admire. Mix up the style of the books to include different genres from what you are currently writing. Add in romance, a mystery, a kid’s book, Hemingway. This exercise expands your creative thought process. Before you could write, you had to learn to read. Read and Write are partners that belong together!

Tip 4. Remember each day WHY you wanted to write a book in the first place.