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The WriteStuff Writers Mission…

The WriteStuff WriIMG_4418ters mission is to instruct, evaluate writers across the arts with interaction support from editors, illustrators, producers, directors and publishers across the United States in their creative efforts of expression. The scope of this support has expanded to commercial and documentary filmmakers as well. These efforts are supported through comprehensive interaction conferences and workshop course instruction taught by experienced authors, editors, and publishers, film and media professionals. If you’ve been successful in your career, you should consider becoming part of the core professionals who teach and “give back to others” who have the same professional career path.

It all began with a simple idea to help those who had an unrealized desire of working in the Arts to realize their dream.  Since then WriteStuff has welcomed Best-Selling authors, Pulitzer Nominated authors and Award-Winning filmmakers to stage events held all across the country. Look for another Writestuff Writers Conference, “All Across the Arts” in 2019!  STAYED TUNED FOR CAST OF PRESENTERS TO BE ANNOUNCED!

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